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Apr 27, 2020

After a space merchant vessel receives an unknown transmission as a distress call, one of the crew is attacked by a mysterious life form and they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.

On this week’s episode…

Join the crew as we discuss capitalism, feminism, and cats in the 1979 sci-fi, horror classic,...

Apr 20, 2020

On this bite-size episode, Bob reviews Arrow Video's blood-soaked thriller, Why Don't You Just Die! 


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Apr 20, 2020

In a remote military outpost in the 19th century, Captain John Boyd and his regiment embark on a rescue mission which takes a dark turn when they are ambushed by a sadistic cannibal.

On this week’s episode…

Join the crew as we discuss cannibalism, the Mexican-American war, and the 1999 horror-comedy,...

Apr 13, 2020

Ireland will never be the same after Rawhead Rex, a particularly nasty demon, is released from his underground prison by an unwitting farmer.

On this week’s episode…

Join the crew as we discuss Clive Barker, fertility cults, and the 1986 creature-feature, Rawhead Rex.


Show Notes:

Housekeeping (3:20)

What We’ve...

Apr 7, 2020


A half-vampire, half-mortal man becomes a protector of the mortal race, while slaying evil vampires.

Blade 2:

Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reapers, who are feeding on vampires.

Blade Trinity:

Blade, now a wanted man by the FBI, must join forces with...